July 16, 2017

Brick by brick, pill by bill our pharmacy has come to life. Welcoming Pakuranga Pharmacy. The latest and greatest thing to hit East Auckland’s thriving health scene. Introducing Pawan Puli your new friendly pharmacist with twice the deals and half the hassle. If your looking for a homely and modern new take on the traditionally cramped almost departmentish drug stores of old, then say no more. Ok cheesy sales pitch aside, welcome guys to our new pharmacy. So we’ve gotten a lot of requests over the years as to why we haven’t got a pharmacy and we realised that you guys were right. So thank you for the patience but good things take time and we are hoping you take the time to check us out. Ok bad jokes aside, we are open the same hours as the practise so have a look at those opening hours and the contact details are there too. Thanks guys we look forward to seeing you. 

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August 31, 2017

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